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#834 Budget night Feb 25th.

WEDNESDAY, February 25th

the Hon. David MacDonald

This Wednesday we will again be combining issues of international import with economic issues, dominated by the budget of the 24th.

We expect to have as our guests, the Honourable David MacDonald, Chairman, Global Network on Food Security, Chairman, Partnership Africa Canada and former Canadian Ambassador to Ethiopia, with the Leader of the New Democratic Party, Alexa McDonough. Assorted economists (the usual suspects) will be on hand to comment on Mr. Martin's 5th Budget.

We look forward to having you with us.

Diana and David Nicholson

10 Mar 1993
Honourable David MacDonald

Hon. David Macdonald
Chairman, Global Network on Food Security
Chairman, Partnership Africa Canada
former Canadian Ambassador to Ethiopia

Feb 22, 1998.
Thr Hon. David MacDonald Feb 1998 Hon. David MacDonald

Some famine aid campaigns are successful while others escape our notice. How is our humanitarianism impaired by politics, publicity, the media and preconceptions about the recipient country? Why has the North Korean famine disappeared from view and what should we do about it?

A past Wednesday's topic of the World Economic Forum (Davos), and Jacques Clément, ex the Bank of Canada, delivered report on the economic outlook for Québec, Canada, the U.S., fiscal and monetary policy. Which he gave last week. We this week will see how right what was expected from the Budget on February 24th, and where the Canadian dollar Alexa McDonough,
           Leader of Canada's NDP[Version en Français]
Alexa McDonough,
Leader of Canada's NDP

  • Monday 2 February Budget tops agenda as MPs return The prime minister has already set one priority, a Millennium Scholarship Fund for post-secondary students could go as high as $3 billion. NDP leader Alexa McDonough has promised to keep up the pressure from the left on youth issues, declaring young people "the principal shareholders in Canada's future."
    But McDonough, too, has been more talkative on student debt than on job-creation. The New Democrats favour a national tuition freeze, restoration of previously cut funding to the provinces and more generous student grants. Wednesday 25 February 1998 A budget with no target Balanced budget features aid for students, modest tax breaks
    OTTAWA (CP) – Finance Minister Paul Martin brought in the first deficit-free federal budget in 28 years Tuesday, sweetening the news with financial help for struggling students and modest tax breaks for millions of other Canadians. And he promised to keep the books balanced into the new millennium, committing the Liberal government to zero-deficit budgets through the year 2000.

    Wednesday 25 February 1998 How to get away with 'sinful' spending Call it 'opportunity' because 'education' is provincial turf PAUL WELLS

    International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development We are also pleased to have Warren Allmand, head of International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development, join us to night. Some will remember his last visit Wednesday night #804 Myanmar [Burma] David and Diana Nicholson

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